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Our Business Applications

A completely integrated ERP suite from one source

Human Resources / Payroll

Human Resources adheres to Saudi Labor Laws. It comes complete with an employee document management system. If integrated with the Financials package, it will post to it generated salary data. It will track employee vacations.

Financials Package

Double-entry Accounting package comprising of a General Ledger, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables modules. Offering all the standard financial reports with a feature to design specific financial reports.

Real Estate Management

Track all your real estate income and rent due. Maintain a complete document management system for all real estate documents. Manage all maintenance requests. send SMS messages to tenants to remind them of due rent.

Fixed Assets Management

This package offers complete asset management from calculating depreciation and managing maintenance on assets to creating a complete document management system. Assets can be issued to cost centers for specified periods.

Project Management

Budget figures can be set to all your project stages. Deviation of actual from budgeted will be calculated and displayed as a percentage. Manage any number of project finances and compare their expenditure to identify over or under expenditure on all project stages.


The manufacturing package implements the complete manufacturing life cycle. It integrates with the Financials package to take care of inventory control, sales and purchasing activities. The Work Order tracking system will identify all stages a Work Order has completed.

Point Of Sales

The POS collects sales data and replicates it to the back-end server for further analysis. Manufactured items such as coffee, tea, sandwiches etc. are broken down into their components which are deducted from the POS outlet’s item quantities. Sold items are replenished.

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