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Technical Center, Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed St.,

Office 25, 3rd. Floor, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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The backbone of Injazat ERP suite

Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed St., Technical Center
Office 25, 3rd. Floor, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Besides a complete double-entry Accounting System with General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, and Accounts Payables, the package also includes a distribution module: Sales, Purchasing and Inventory Control.

The Chart Of Accounts can be entered manually and can be setup for both Arabic and English accounts. Besides the Receivables and Payables ledgers, many additional sub-ledgers can be setup like Employee Payables etc. Multi-currency general ledger transactions can be recorded.

Package-wide parameters can be set up to meet individual customer needs. Company documents like commercial register etc. can be scanned and saved and alerts will be flagged on their expiry dates. The Financials Package is VAT ready and implements Saudi Arabia’s VAT policies.

This introductory video gives an overview of the packages major features. It goes through the major programs in each tab of the package. More details about each feature are available in separate videos on the same page.

This video shows the packages which make up the Injazat ERP suite. It shows the various company structures that can be implemented and the reports that can be generated. It also mentions the security system implemented at all levels of the ERP suite.

This video covers the different programs of the General Ledger module: Journal Entry, Cash Account Transactions, Journal Inquiry, Trial Balance, Journal Transactions, Journal Periodic Balances, Default Transactions Definitions, Chart Of Accounts and Accounts Budget Setup.

Inventory module implements a perpetual inventory control system. Items can be classified into classes and groups. Items can be tracked through their SKU or barcode numbers. Four pictures and a video can be associated with each item. Item activity can be tracked for all types of transactions like purchasing, sales, and adjustments etc. Items can have alternative items and bonus quantity associated with them.

The Sales Module cover Proposal, Sales Order, Invoice and Sales Return generation. Additionally, an inquiry screen is provided for all sales related transactions. Sales representatives’ sales targets can be set and their activities viewed. Item sales prices can be updated for individual items, group of items or per classification.

The Purchasing module covers all purchasing functions including the calculation of a new average unit cost for all received items. It also calculates VAT for local purchase orders. Additionally, it includes a program to set new selling prices for newly received items by setting a percantage.

The Accounts Receivables video covers customer profile creation, non-inventory related transaction generation, such as cash receipt, invoice and credit/debit memo posting etc. In the profile, customer-specific parameters can be set. Additionally, customer activities such as purchasing, payments etc. can be viewed.

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We offer unparalleled support for all our applications. We wrote the applications to the highest standards using state-of-the-art technology and Microsoft’s flagship database management system, SQL Server. Therefore, we can offer you customization to these packages to meet your particular business needs. We are a local company who can implement these packages for you and offer continued support thereafter.

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