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Technical Center, Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed St.,

Office 25, 3rd. Floor, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Process-based manufacturing at its best

Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed St., Technical Center
Office 25, 3rd. Floor, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Manufacturing Overview

Injazat’s Process-based manufacturing package was designed from scratch as a bilingual application to meet the local manufacturing requirements. It is most suited for industries like paints, pharmaceuticals, beverages and food products. It offers the following features:


  • Bill Of Materials Creation ( recipes )
  • Batch Production
  • Quality control
  • Production Costing
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Planning
  • Materials Requirement Planning
  • Comes with Injazat Financials
  • Product Costing will take into account, raw materials cost, labor cost, machinery cost and any intangible costs
  • Finally, the manufactured product will be delivered either to the finished or semi-finished warehouse

Manufacturing Life Cycle

  • Work Orders can be generated from Sales Orders, Continuous Production Orders or previous planned production orders
  • Work Order Lots can be generated for a Work Order as a single lot or multiple lots
  • Raw Materials can be requested to be delivered from the warehouses to the production floor via a delivery request
  • Every step of the manufacturing process can be tracked
  • Additional raw materials can be ordered while the Work Order is in progress
  • Manufacturing Quality Control Requests can be generated for any process
  • During the manufacturing processes any rejected Finished or Semi-finished products can be delivered to the Reject Warehouse

Production Planning

  • The Practical Planning Program is used to identify raw materials not available to meet the Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) requirements of products to be manufactured based on Sales Orders, Continuous Production Orders or Production Plan Orders. In which case it will generate Purchase Order requests to the Purchasing Department to secure the quantities required.
  • A Master Production Plan (MPP) can be generated from Sales Orders, Continuous Production Orders or previous Production Plan Orders. One MPP can include orders from all types of orders.
  • Additionally, an MPP can be generated from closed Sales Orders or Continuous Production Orders.
  • A raw materials/semi-finished inquiry screen will list all products where the raw materials or semi-finished are used. It will display the Product ID, its BOM quantity, period usage and its percentage usage in each product it is used.
  • The Product Inspection Sheet contains the results of the various inspection types performed on the product. It will identify the Work Order number, Lot number, date and procedure ID.

Quality Control

  • Quality Control Programs enable the setting of product “Defect Types”, “Disposition Types” and “Specs/Standard Types”.
  • For each Finished or Semi-Finished product, a number of Quality Control Codes can be specified. These codes can be assigned a world standard quality control range (limits) and the Manufacturing Company’s specific range.
  • From defined employee record profiles, inspectors can be selected and assigned an inspector ID.
  • Inspection Procedures can be created and assigned a procedure ID and name. The procedure will list all the inspection types it will perform.
  • Inspection types give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to perform the inspection.

Inquiry and Reports

  • Among the many reports is the “Bill-Of-Materials” (BOM) report which lists all defined BOMs, giving full details of each BOM and its number of revisions.
  • Another powerful report is the “Work Order/Lot Status Report” It gives complete details on the Work Orders particularly the status.
  • The Master Production Plan Report lists all generated MPP orders in a specified period. Besides, giving complete details of the MPPs, it will highlight the plan quantity and status.
  • The “Lot Costing Report” is a comprehensive detailed report on the costing of each Work Order/Lot Number produced in a specified period.

Why Choose Us

We offer unparalleled support for all our applications. We wrote the applications to the highest standards using state-of-the-art technology and Microsoft’s flagship database management system, SQL Server. Therefore, we can offer you customization to these packages to meet your particular business needs. We are a local company who can implement these packages for you and offer continued support thereafter.

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