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Human Resources with Payroll

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Human Resources with Payroll Overview

The package maintains employee profiles and creates a document archiving system for all employee documents. Employee vacation requests can be recorded and tracked. Alerts of employees on holidays with remaining days to return are high lighted. Employees can be transferred between departments and sections.

The system will calculate end-of-service benefits depending on the nature of contract termination (end of contract, resignation etc.). The system will record employee periodic evaluation results. All letters requested and issued to an employee are recorded and can be reprinted. Monthly salaries once generated can be SMSed or emailed as salary slips directly to the employee.

This introductory video gives an overview of the packages major features. It goes through the major programs in each tab of the package. More details about each feature are available in separate videos on the same page.

This video shows how employee profile data is created. It shows the various tabs that constitute the profile. Tabs like the contract, benefits, deductions, evaluation, qualifications, experience and dependent details.

This video shows how employee document details are added in the system. It highlights the importance of the expiry date of documents as it is used as an alert for documents before they expire. The number of days before expiry can be set to report on documents about to expire.

This video gives details on the various vacation types and how they can be requested and entered in the system. When a vacation is requested the system will calculate the current month’s due salary and the vacation pay plus the ticket value. A report will show employees on vacation.

This salary preparation video shows how to generate the salaries based on departments or sections. The system will generate the salaries showing the benefits and deductions for the month selected. It will allow the addition of specific benefits like bonuses or deductions like absence, loans etc.per employee for the selected month. The generated payslips can be printed, SMSed or emailed.

It is possible to create templates of common letters which a company gives to its employees as introductory documents addressed to a bank or a government agency. After selecting the employee the system will generate the letter using a mail merge method. These letters will be printed on the company’s letterhead. All letters given to an employee can be tracked and reprinted.

The video highlights the most important personnel data and statistical reports in addition to payroll reports. Reports like document expiry, distribution of employees by nationality showing numbers and percentages, Gosi and documents due to expire. Vacation due date reports and monthly salary reports. The package will generate the salary protection report which can be uploaded to the bank.

This video shows the packages which make up the Injazat ERP suite and of which the Human Resources Package with Payroll is one. It shows the various company structures that can be implemented in the ERP suite and the consolidated reports that can be generated. It also mentions the security system implemented at all levels of the ERP suite.

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